Susan Brown

Susan Brown

Associate Dean CALS and Director NYSAES

120 Hedrick Hall
(315) 787-2224

The apple breeding program at Cornell is one of the largest fruit breeding programs in the world. My objectives include the development of new superior varieties for the apple industry with unique flavors, exceptional crispness, enhanced storage and shelf life, and the incorporation of resistance to disease and insect pests, and training students in the science of fruit breeding and genetics.

Research Focus

We use both traditional breeding and transgene technology to develop new apple varieties, furthering our knowledge of the genetics of key traits in apples and identifying molecular markers for important characteristics for use in marker-assisted breeding (MAB). We identify outstanding advanced selections for potential variety release, and evaluate populations to study the inheritance of plant form, antioxidants, quality attributes and other characters. Interspecific hybrid populations are providing valuable material to study methylation of genes, as well as offering vast phenotypic diversity for genetic studies.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Emphasis is on producing superior advanced apple selections for commercialization, including novel uses and ornamental types. Growers are updated on the status of the breeding program and issues in intellectual property rights, and are given the opportunity to sample advanced selections at a variety showcase. Trees of advanced selections have been established in grower orchards throughout the state to test their adaptation and potential. This is done in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Trials are also being established in other regions of the US and internationally.

Teaching Focus

Apple breeding and genetic improvement. Integration of genomic tools in the breeding of clonal fruit tree crops such as apple.

Awards and Honors

  • Goichman Family Directorship of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (2015) CALS/Cornell
  • New York State Senate Women of Distinction (2014) New York State Senate
  • SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service (2013) The State University of New York
  • Outstanding Faculty Award (2012) Cornell CALS Alumni Association

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

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Presentations and Activities

  • Apple research at Cornell. July 2013. Cornell. NYSAES.
  • Apple breeding and genetics. May 2013. Cornell. NYSAES Geneva NY.
  • Apple breeding and genetics: Recent advances. April 2013. Boyce Thompson Institute. Ithaca, NY.
  • February 2013. Pasadena Art Museum. Pasadena, CA.
  • Apple breeding, genetics and genomics. January 2013. NYSAES. Geneva NY.
  • Cornell Apple breeding and genetic studies. January 2013. RosBREED. San Diego, CA.