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Cornell Orchards donation policy

Cornell Orchards will consider making donations of apples and cider to groups that directly help to further the mission of the Department of Horticulture, which includes public education about agriculture.

Cornell Orchards will donate to Cornell student groups provided that the event is educational in nature.

Donations may be made to programs that feed the hungry provided that no restrictions are placed on participants due to age, religion, ethnicity, etc.

Tax-exempt, charitable groups whose primary mission is not public education about agriculture may request a 25% discount on apples and cider.

Groups requesting donations or discounts should send an email to with a description of the event (and attached flier), how much is requested, how the event furthers the mission of Cornell, and when the apples/cider will be picked up.

Cornell Orchards reserves the right to limit donations and discounts, and to determine which requests qualify for a donation or discount. Receiving a donation in the past is no guarantee of future donations.