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Bluegrass Lane Turf and Landscape Research Center

Activities at Bluegrass Lane
Top to bottom: Floriculture Field Day, urban tree research, Turf Field Day.

Conveniently located near the Cornell campus, Bluegrass Lane serves as a center for turf, flower and woody landscape plant research, extension and teaching activities for the Department of Horticulture. 

The 28-acre site (with an additional 17 acres slated for development) is conveniently located near the Cornell campus, adjacent to the Robert Trent Jones golf course. Turfgrass research at the site began in 1976. Integration of other landscape research began in 1999. Before the university purchased the property, it was a dairy farm, and was maintained as a hay field before it was converted to turfgrass research.

The facility features:

  • An extensive pond-fed irrigation system.
  • A 12,000-square-foot containerized plant nursery.
  • 12 acres protected by an 8-foot-tall, high-tensile, woven, fixed-knot fence.

The facility is managed by the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station. Read more about research conducted at Bluegrass Lane at the CUAES website.

For more information, contact Eric Schatt, farm manager: or 607-255-4543.