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Plant Science Building

Minns Garden
Minns Garden outside the Plant Science Building

The Horticulture Section is housed in the Plant Science Building on Tower Road (bordering on the south side of the Ag Quad), primarily occupying the 1st Floor and the 'Garden Floor'. The main office for the Section is in Room 135.

In addition to housing the main administrative functions of the Section, the Plant Science Building has classrooms, laboratories specifically equipped for investigations of plant growth regulators, stress physiology, postharvest physiology, conventional and micropropagation (tissue culture), mycorrhizal symbiosis, root biology and other physiological and anatomical studies.

Attached to the south side of the building are a state-of-the-art greenhouse complex and the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory, which houses a living collection of plants from around the world that's part of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium in the Plant Biology Section.  A tunnel connects the building to the Weill Hall and the Biotechnology Building on the south side of Tower Road that houses growth chambers and the CALS Plant Transformation Facility.  There is also a bridge on the 3rd Floor connecting Plant Science with the Emerson/Bradfield building complex.

Mann Library, featuring one of the world's best agricultural collections and library technology, is adjacent to the Plant Science Building.  

Minns Garden, a delightful mix annual and perennial ornamental plants, is located between Plant Science and Tower Rd.  Other plantings, many designed and installed by students in the Creating the Urban Eden class, surround the building.

The administrative address and contact information for the Section's Ithaca location:

Horticulture Section
Cornell University
135 Plant Science Building
236 Tower Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
Phone: 607-255-4568
Fax: 607-255-0599

Parking:  There is handicap parking and 20-minute pickup/drop off parking in the small lot between Plant Science Building and Tower Rd. Metered public parking is available at the Peterson Lot at the corner of Tower Rd. and Judd Falls Rd. near Stocking Hall and the Cornell Dairy Bar. and the Plant Science Building.