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Master of Science (M.S.) requirements

  • Students select a Special Committee composed of one professor representing the major field and at least one professor representing a minor field.
  • The student's Special Committee determines coursework and credits for the M.S. degree.
  • Committee members advise students in the selection and conduct of research problems for the thesis.
  • Candidates must submit an acceptable hypothesis-driven thesis based on a research project and pass a final oral exam.
  • Teaching experience is required and can be satisfied by assisting a faculty member in teaching a course.
  • Fulfill a minimum of 2 registration units (two semesters). Candidates are expected to complete degree requirements in two years, but have up to 4 years to complete requirements.

Students for the Master of Science degree majoring in horticulture are expected to demonstrate competence in the three core areas of Horticultural Biology, Horticultural Production and Management, and Horticultural Methods.