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bruce reisch with grapevines on a sunny day

Genetic marking discovery could ease plant breeders’ work

Jan 22, 2020

A team of grapevine breeders, geneticists and bioinformatic specialists at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, New York, has come up with a powerful new method to transfer genetic markers across species  to bring desirable traits from wild species into their cultivated cousins.

alternative turf and headstones at Green-Wood

Rethinking urban grasslands

Jan 6, 2020

Associate professor Frank Rossi is teaming up with world-famous Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn to manage grass and other vegetation on nearly 500 acres to reduce the cemetary's carbon footprint. "The urban grasslands at Green-Wood provide an ideal environment to study sustainable and ecological alternative to the manicured lawn in an era of climate change," says Rossi.

Slices of watermelon

New genomic analysis may lead to improved watermelon

Nov 7, 2019

Researchers from the Boyce Thompson Institute have created a resource that could help plant breeders find wild watermelon genes that provide resistance to pests, diseases, drought and other hardships.

A woman sitting in a chair in an office

Meet our faculty: Lynn M. Sosnoskie

Nov 6, 2019

Lynn M. Sosnoskie, joined the Horticulture section of the School of Integrative Plant Science in 2019 as an assistant professor of weed ecology and management for speciality crop systems. 

A tractor on grass

CCE podcast profiles Cornell Farms Ops’ work with veterans

Nov 4, 2019

In a special Veterans Day episode of CCE’s “Extension Out Loud” podcast, hosts Katie Baildon and Paul Treadwell speak with project coordinator Dean Koyanagi ‘90 on the scope of the Farm Ops project across New York state.