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Helene Dillard

CCE Director Helene Dillard named dean at UC Davis

Nov 20, 2013

Helene Dillard, director of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), will become dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at her graduate alma mater, the University of California, Davis, Jan. 27.

Missy Bidwell

Greenhouse Manager receives staff excellence award

Nov 18, 2013

Missy Bidwell, Greenhouse Manager of Cornell Plantations was awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Research and Extension Award in recognition of her commitment to communication.


Hortus Forum poinsettia sale: Pre-order now!

Nov 15, 2013

Cornell's undergraduate horticulture club is now taking pre-orders online for poinsettias for pick-up at Ken Post Greenhouses December 9 or 13, or on-campus delivery.

As crop indicators, weeds spread in warmer world

Nov 7, 2013

Weeds, those unwanted, unloved and annoying invasive plants that farmers and gardeners hate amid their plantings, are expanding to northern latitudes, thanks to rising temperatures.

TSF funding helped support an earlier project comparing organic and integrated fruit production systems at Cornell Orchards.

Deadline for sustainability grants is Dec. 9

Nov 6, 2013

Funding priorities for 2014 Toward Sustainability Foundation (TSF) grants up to $12,000 include projects that involve Cornell undergraduate or graduate students in major roles.

Coffee, Cloves, and Chocolate poster

New course: Coffee, Cloves and Chocolate

Oct 29, 2013

Examines a botanical treasure-trove of important culinary, medicinal, industrial, and ornamental crops over time. Discover the critical roles plants have played throughout history—from saving lives, to enslaving multitudes, to pitting nation against nation.