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Coffee, Cloves, and Chocolate poster

New course: Coffee, Cloves and Chocolate

Oct 29, 2013

Examines a botanical treasure-trove of important culinary, medicinal, industrial, and ornamental crops over time. Discover the critical roles plants have played throughout history—from saving lives, to enslaving multitudes, to pitting nation against nation.

Ronnie Coffman

Coffman receives inaugural World Agriculture Prize

Oct 19, 2013

Plant breeder Ronnie Coffman has sown seeds of scientific and social change across continents and generations. Now his efforts are being recognized with the inaugural World Agriculture Prize.

Art of Horticulture projects

New Botanical Arts option for Horticulture Minor

Oct 10, 2013

Students across the University who want to explore the intersection between horticulture and art can now sign up for the new Botanical Arts focus option within the Minor in Horticulture.

Susan Brown

Sweet. Tart. Crunchy: How To Engineer A Better Apple

Oct 10, 2013

Susan Brown, head of the apple breeding program at Cornell University, estimates that there have been 130 new apples released around the world in the past six years. This summer, she contributed two more to that tally: the SnapDragon and the Ruby Frost.