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From humble peanut to lifesaving legume

Sep 23, 2013

Associate professor of animal science Dan Brown, Ph.D. ’81, has recommended ways to reduce contamination of peanuts, a staple crop in the developing world.

Family Field Day attracts more than 120

Sep 10, 2013

Sessions focused on techniques home gardeners can use – such as cover crops, mulches and hand tools to control weeds, seed saving, and trickle irrigation and more.

Farmers who donate to food banks can reap cash

Sep 6, 2013

New York growers who donate produce to food banks as part of the “Glean NY” initiative will be reimbursed for the cost of harvesting, thanks to a partnership that includes Cornell's College of Agriculture and Sciences.

Susheng Gan

‘Fountain of youth’ for leaves discovered

Aug 22, 2013

What plant scientists call senescence, consumers experience as wilted produce and overripe fruit. A team led by Cornell horticulture professor Su-Sheng Gan has identified an enzymatic fountain of youth that slows the process of leaf death, a discovery that lays the foundation for the genetics of freshness. In a series of experiments using the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, Gan and colleagues discovered a key regulator – S3H – that acts as a brake on the process of leaf death. When its levels are low, leaves senesce early; when it is present in high levels, it results in longer leaf longevity.

vegetable harvest

Gardening in a Warmer World Conference October 4-5

Aug 21, 2013

This gathering of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) educators, volunteers and key partners will provide in-depth information on climate change impacts on gardening and adaptive and innovative methods to help meet this challenge. Sessions will be presented in a variety of formats to ensure participants’ time at the conference will benefit both themselves and their communities in positive and productive ways.

2013 Dilmun Hill farm managers

Dilmun Hill fund-raiser passes 70 percent of goal

Aug 16, 2013

Less than a week into its crowd-sourcing fund-raising campaign, Dilmun Hill Student Farm has already reached 70 percent of its $5,000 goal. Donations are tax deductible and will be used to improve the farm’s outdoor teaching facilities and expand the farm’s hands-on educational mission. Help push them over the top.