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Alan Lakso

Alan Lakso


Kennedy Hal, Box 15
(315) 787-2399

I have been a fruit crop physiologist for almost 50 years with expertise in the physiology and management of apple and grape growth and development, environmental responses, and the integration with cultural practices. Research methods include experimentation in the field and controlled environment, dynamic simulation modeling and development of innovative new technologies for sensing the environment and plant health.

Research Focus

My area of research continues to be integrative plant and crop physiology, primarily on fruit crops. Although retired I still continue some projects investigate the individual physiological bases of specific processes such as the regulation of sink activity in the grape berry, carbon partitioning as related to developmental stage, temperature, water availability and light microclimate. I emphasize how these individual processes are integrated in the whole plant and what the grower can do to influence such processes to improve plant productivity, especially under field conditions. Dynamic simulation modeling is a critical to integrate physiology to understand plant responses to the environment and cultural treatments, to improve our management and culture, and to attack increasingly complex problems such as global climate change and environmental compatibility through IPM and sustainable approaches. Additionally I have worked on application and integration of new micro-engineering, remote sensing, and information technologies to problems of agriculture. Specifically, I am a co-founder of a spinoff tech company, FloraPulse, that is commercializing an embedded microsensor for monitoring drought stress in plants.