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Gary Harman

Gary Harmon


221 Sturtevant Hall, Geneva
(315) 787-2452

Research is focused on endophytic plant symbionts in the genus Trichoderma and on development of systems and processes for environmental remediation and for improved horticultural practices

Research Focus

My foci deal with elucidation and understanding of beneficial plant microbe interactions and translation of this knowledge to commercial reality. The work on agricultural waste products is designed both to understand the interactions of lignocelluloses and to develop systems for their use in practical uses for pollution remediation

Outreach and Extension Focus

The biocontrol research is expected to result in improved products for nontoxic control systems for control of plant diseases and to improve plant productivity and yield. I am focused on commercial vehicles for delivery of these. Similarly, I am engaged in a local start-up company, Terrenew, that is well along towards commercial utilization of agricultural waste products, through appropriate processing and manufacturing systems, for pollution remediation and that is located in the Cornell Agricultural and Food Technology Park.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications