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John Wallace

John Wallace

Assistant Professor

221 Hedrick Hall, Geneva NY
(315) 787-2237

My research and extension program is designed to help New York growers develop multi-tactic, integrated weed management practices and cropping system-level strategies that enhance productivity, profitability and ecosystems services in specialty crop systems, including processing and fresh market vegetables, small-fruit, and perennial tree fruit.

Research Focus

My research program will focus on many aspects of weed ecology and management, including: 1) the development of complementary, multi-tactic control strategies for troublesome weed species, 2) improving our understanding of how cropping system diversity contributes to management of weed seedbanks, 3) development of multi-tactic weed management practices that can be utilized in reduced-tillage and organic production systems, 4) improving our understanding of how herbicide-based weed control programs influence the potential for integrating cover crops into various production systems, and 5) developing best management practices for new or existing herbicides.

Extension Focus

My extension program will be informed by sustained interactions with commercial growers, Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators, crop consultants, and associated industry groups. We will utilize applied research to develop weed management BMPs, which will be available in Cornell production guides and other extension fact sheets. Research projects that evaluate transformative technology or cropping system design will engage stakeholder groups in the research process with the use of advisory committees and participatory on-farm research.

Selected Publications

  • Wallace J, Keene C, Curran WS, Mirsky S, Ryan MR, VanGessel MJ (2017) Integrated weed management strategies in cover crop-based, organic rotational no-till corn and soybean in the mid-Atlantic region. Weed Science.
  • Wallace J, Curran WS, Mirsky S, Ryan MR (2017) Tolerance of interseeded annual ryegrass and red clover cover crops to residual herbicides in mid-Atlantic corn cropping systems. Weed Technology.
  • Wallace J, Williams A, Liebert J, Ackroyd VJ, Vann RA, Curran WS, Keene CL, VanGessel MJ, Ryan MR, Mirsky S (2017) Cover crop-based, organic rotational no-till corn and soybean production systems in the mid-Atlantic United States. Agriculture. 7:34
  • Keene C, Curran W, Wallace J, Ryan M, Mirsky S, VanGessel M, Barbercheck M (2017) Cover crop termination timing is critical in organic rotational no-till systems. Agronomy Journal 109:272-282
  • Rivers A, Mullen C, Wallace J, Barbercheck M (2017) Cover crop-based reduced tillage system influences Carabidae (Coleoptera) activity, diversity and trophic group during transition to organic production. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. doi:10.1017/S17421
  • Wallace J, TS Prather (2016) Invasive spread dynamics of Anthriscus caucalis at an ecosystem scale: propagule pressure, grazing disturbance and plant community susceptibility in canyon grasslands. Biological Invasions 18:145-157
  • Mirsky S, J Wallace, B Curran and B Crockett (2015) Seedbank dynamics of hairy vetch (Vicia villosa) and implications for cover crop management. Agronomy Journal 107:2391-2400
  • Wallace J, P Pavek, TS Prather (2015) Ecological characteristics of Ventenata dubia in the Intermountain Pacific Northwest. Invasive Plant Science & Management 8(1):57-71
  • Wallace J, TS Prather (2013) Comparative demography of an exotic herbaceous annual among plant communities in invaded canyon grassland: inferences for habitat suitability and population spread. Biological Invasions 15:2786-2797

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