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Justin Kondrat

Justin Kondrat

Alumni, BS plant sciences 2014

Justin with Haleakala Silverswords.
Justin with Haleakala Silverswords

Following graduation, I landed a marketing and communication internship at Cornell Plantations, where I assisted  with the development of interpretive materials, displays, and printed material, and wrote and distributed press releases about events, news items, and other noteworthy topics. Once this internship ended, my passion for the plant sciences brought me the most isolated place on earth: the Hawaiian Islands. The National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kalaheo Hawaii became my home, where I  aided in conservation efforts within the plant extinction capital of the world. (Read more about my adventures on my blog.)

I am dedicated to bolstering the relevance and accessibility of plants to daily human life. The power and inspiration that comes from plants and their potential to bring a sense of place and belonging to human communities inspires me to hone my unique blend of vision, perseverance, and curiosity. 

With that said, I have moved to our Nation's Capital to work at the United States Botanic Garden as a Collection Gardener within the Orchid Collection. I am responsible for the growth, maintenance, development, public display and cultivation more one of USBG historic plant collections. 

Plants hold a special place in my heart, and their presence in my life has seen me through numerous personal obstacles.  As a result, I believe I possess a determination to succeed, and indeed to thrive within the field of public horticulture. Read more on my professional website or feel free email me at