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Martin Goffinet

Martin Goffinet

Sen Res Assoc (Retired)

301 Hedrick Hall, Geneva Campus
(315) 787-2392

As a retired but active Senior Research Associate, my professional training is in plant anatomy, morphology, and whole-plant development. My field of expertise within Cornell is the study of plant structure and development. More specifically, research efforts apply developmental anatomy and morphology to the solution of both fundamental and practical problems concerning structure and development of temperate-zone fruit and vegetable plants.

Research Focus

My view is that my discipline is "applied plant anatomy," that is, I use knowledge of anatomy and plant development to help solve problems growers face in efficiently producing high quality fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Work in cytology, anatomy, morphology, and development is cross-disciplinary in that it contributes critical information to department and Cornell programs in fruit and vegetable breeding, whole-plant physiology, cultural practices, pathology, and post-harvest quality.

Outreach and Extension Focus

In retirement, I am not currently engaged in Extension and Outreach. In the past, even though I did not have an official extension assignment, I have presented many talks, workshops, and worked with growers on problems and issues on problems relating to poor plant growth, environmental stress, and other factors that impact crop productivity and management.

Teaching Focus

I have contributed a four-week teaching module in the course VIEN/HORT Grapevine Biology in which I presented information on grapevine structure, development, flowering, fruiting, and problems with vines that can be assessed via knowledge of grapevine biology under the constraints of vineyard practices and natural factors.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Xia, G., Cheng, L., Lakso, A. N., & Goffinet, M. C. (2009). Effects of nitrogen supply on source-sink balance and fruit size of Gala apple trees. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. 134:126-133.
  • Salanenka, Y. A., Goffinet, M. C., & Taylor, A. G. (2009). Structure and histochemistry of the micropylar and chalazal regions of the perisperm-endosperm envelope of cucumber seed associated with solute permeability and germination. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. 134:479-487.
  • Vanden Heuvel, J. E., & Goffinet, M. C. (2008). The effects of flood initiation timing and water temperature during flooding on non-structural carbohydrate concentration and anatomy of cranberry. HortScience. 43:338-345.
  • Creasap Gee, J., Reid, C. L., Goffinet, M. C., Aloni, R., Ulrich, C., & Burr, T. J. (2005). Effect of wound position, auxin and Agrobacterium vitis strain F2/5 on wound-healing and crown gall development in woody grapevine tissue. Phytopathology. 95:362-367.
  • Goffinet, M. C. (2004). Relation of applied crop stress to next season’s inflorescence development, shoot growth characteristics, and cane starch reserves in ‘Concord’ grapevine. Acta Horticulturae. 640:189-200.
  • Miller, A. J., Bellinder, R. R., Xu, B., Rauch, B. J., Goffinet, M. C., & Welser, M. J. (2003). Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) response to pendimethalin applied post transplant. Weed Technology. 17:256–260.
  • Lakso, A. N., Robinson, T. L., Goffinet, M. C., & White, M. D. (2001). Apple fruit growth responses to varying thinning methods and timing. Acta Horticulturae. 557:407-412.