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Martin Sailus

Martin Sailus

Extension Supp Spec III

32-34 Plant Science

Outreach and Extension Focus

Plant and Life Sciences Publishing (PALS) assists faculty and others in publishing experience- and science-based books for use in educational workshops, college courses, business management, and self-directed learning.

The key audiences for PALS books are fruit and vegetable growers, the green industry, private landowners, agribusiness, livestock farmers, extension educators, university faculty, and urban and rural citizens. While some books have a national and international audience, in most cases usefulness is limited to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Great Lakes states, and adjoining Canadian provinces.

There are several general outcomes and impacts of PALS efforts. Improved local extension programs. Improved decision making by producers and growers, and their advisers, in the fruit, vegetable, and landscape industries. Improved farm profitability and production efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Improved financial decision making by individuals and families. Improved management of privately-owned forest land. Improved multi-state, multi-discipline, multi-function information sharing.
Indicators of success include: book sales, maintaining financial sustainability, faculty seeking out PALS to help them with their book, and new books.