Minor in Horticulture

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The Minor Program of Study in Horticulture aims to increase students’ knowledge and skills for managing fruits, vegetables and landscape plants for the purpose of improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. A minor in horticulture can complement many areas of study, from art history to biological engineering to hotel management.

To satisfy the requirements for the Minor in Horticulture, the minor candidate must successfully complete the two courses from the Horticulture Sciences core (7 credits) below and a minimum of eight additional credits at the 2000-level and up, for a minimum requirement of 15 credits in horticulture coursework. Special topic courses, seminar courses, and courses without regular instruction cannot be counted toward the credit requirement without prior written approval of the program advisor.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade, and a grade of "C" or better must be received to count toward the minor. Any undergraduate student, except those majoring in Plant Sciences, may enroll in the minor.

Horticulture Sciences Core

The following two courses are required:

  1. PLSCI 1101: Horticultural Science and Systems (fall, 4 credits)
  2. PLHRT 1115: The Nature of Plants (spring, 3 credits)

Students with AP Biology Credit and Transfer Students

Students who matriculate with AP credit in biology are expected to take PLSCI 1101 & PLHRT 1115. Transfer students must verify with the program advisor that they have taken the equivalent of PLSCI 1101 & PLHRT 1115. They are still expected to take a minimum of 15 credits to complete the minor program.

Transfer students are encouraged to apply for a minor in horticulture. An initial meeting with the horticulture minor advisor will help determine if a student is able to take the necessary credits or has equivalencies that can be applied to satisfy the program requirements.

How to receive credit for the Minor Program of Study in Horticulture

  1. Meet with Faculty Advisor Frank Rossi (fsr3@cornell.edu) to discuss your interests in horticulture and decide which courses you will take to satisfy the minor. 
  2. Submit a copy of the application form to Professor Rossi, 47C Plant Science Building. Retain a copy for your records and give your major advisor a copy for your file. 
  3. Complete the courses required for the horticulture minor. 
  4. In the final semester prior to graduation, bring a copy of your transcript and your "Application to Graduate" to Dr. Rossi. Upon verification of the successful completion of all requirements, he will sign the form required for the minor.


Frank Rossi, Faculty Advisor 
47C Plant Science Building 

Leah Cynara Cook
Plant Sciences Major Coordinator