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Frederick Dreer Award

The Horticulture Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science offers a wonderful opportunity once a year, the Frederick Dreer Award, that allows one or more students to spend 4 months to up to a year abroad pursuing his or her interests related to horticulture.

See the application and instructions that spells out the procedure for applying. Basically it is quite simple. Submit a written proposal to the Dreer Committee by the deadline (March 5, 2018 in this cycle), which is followed by an informal interview, generally in a week or two. The faculty receives the recommendation of the Dreer Committee and votes on the nominee.

The list of previous Dreer winners below will give you an idea of the breadth of horticultural interests addressed by successful applicants.

The only obligation of the Dreer award winner is to write to the Dreer Committee monthly while overseas, and upon return to the United States, give a presentation about their time abroad to students and faculty.

Please look into this opportunity seriously. It can be taken as a summer and a semester's leave or a year's leave of absence during school or upon graduation. If you would like to talk over a potential idea for the Dreer with a member of the Committee (and we encourage you to do so), please contact Nina Bassuk (Horticulture) Josh Cerra (Landscape Architecture) or Marvin Pritts. (Horticulture).

Application and more information.

View video of Dreer Award seminars.

Previous Dreer Award winners

* = Graduate student

  • 1956 Richard Simon - Work in herbaceous nurseries & botanical gardens in northern Europe.
  • 1957 Gail Anderson - Landscape architecture in Sweden.
  • 1958 Natalie Gundrey - Plant materials and horticultural journalism in Europe.
  • 1960 Lawrence Sherk - Work in botanical gardens, specializing in woody plant hardiness in Europe.
  • 1960 Martin Cohen - Landscape architecture in Japan.
  • 1961 Morgan Holmes - Work in woody plant nurseries in northern Europe.
  • 1963 William Morton* - Research at Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • 1964 Martin Meyer* - Research at Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • 1964 Paul Blair - To study the genus Rhododendron at Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • 1965 Steven Kettler - Commercial woody plant nursery production in England and Holland.
  • 1966 Stanley Kochanoff - Commercial floriculture production in England, Denmark, Germany and Holland.
  • 1966 Freek Vrugtman* - To study taxonomic problems of woody plants at Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • 1967 Jeffrey Moore - Turfgrass research in Northern Europe.
  • 1968 Charles Krueger - Marketing procedures in flower crops in Europe.
  • 1968 Thomas Oesau - Landscape architecture, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • 1970 Charles Huckins* - Taxonomic studies of Malus at Botanical Gardens and Herbaria in Europe and USSR.
  • 1970 Scott Drahos - History of landscape architecture in Italy.
  • 1970 Robert Stack - Botanical gardens and nursery production in Germany.
  • 1971 Gordon Carruth - Landscape architecture in Western Europe.
  • 1971 Terence Centner - Landscape architecture, University of Newcastle, England.
  • 1971 Robert Reiniger - Work in several major greenhouses ranges in France.
  • 1972 Margaret McEachron - Horticultural education, especially at Kew Gardens, England.
  • 1972 Richard Hardy - Landscape architecture study and work in office in England.
  • 1972 Linda Magrum* - Tissue culture research at several European laboratories.
  • 1973 Harold Thurston - Aquatic plants in England.
  • 1974 Joshua Polan - National park design in South America.
  • 1975 Margery Koch - Tulip breeding, Wageningen, Netherlands.
  • 1976 Sheila Wertimer - History of English landscape gardens.
  • 1977 Pamela Rooney - Land reclamation with plants in Netherlands and Israel.
  • 1977 David Pomeroy - Park administration in Western Europe.
  • 1978 Karen Perkins - Study of ornamental plants and their care at leading botanical gardens in Scotland, England and Europe.
  • 1979 Harriet Henderson - Study plant material in Japan and their uses in landscape design.
  • 1979 Gail Sobel - Study problems involved in developing botanical gardens in South America.
  • 1980 Edward Kaufmann - Look at production, sale and use of plant materials floriculture and landscape architecture in Israel and The Netherlands.
  • 1981 Karren Drozin - Study in Portugal the development of a new city, some of the old cities, and to study at two of the Landscape Architecture Schools.
  • 1982 Thomas Doak - Study the architecture of golf courses in Scotland and England.
  • 1982 Jennifer Thorp - Study the marketing of flowers in England, France and Holland.
  • 1983 Audrey Hunter - Study horticultural therapy in Great Britain.
  • 1984 William Collins - Inside the English Garden - history, nursery production, plants used, garden design and garden construction and maintenance.
  • 1984 Irene Lekstutis* - Investigate herbaceous gardening in Great Britain, to examine sources, selection, and utilization of herbaceous perennials in Great Britain.
  • 1985 Ricardo Austrich - Visit gardens and plant herbariums in Spain to study, from a design perspective, the effect of flora introduced from New World exploration.
  • 1985 Rick Manning* - Visit The Netherlands, Great Britain, and Western Europe to study ecological landscape design and management techniques used in parks and open spaces.
  • 1986 Robert Bartolomei - Travel to Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands to study various new cultivars of perennials and determine feasibility of introducing them to US.
  • 1987 Gilbert Hanse - Study golf course architecture in the British Isles
  • 1987 Michael Murgiano - To observe the development of horticultural and marketing techniques related to the interiorscape industry in Europe.
  • 1988 Mark Veckerelli - The Garden Festival ideals of Great Britain and Germany, and how they relate to the American garden tradition.
  • 1989 John Tornes - "The Chinese Approach to Landscape Architecture" Visiting PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore.
  • 1990 Albert Joerger* - Landscape Management Techniques in Costa Rica.
  • 1991 David Selby* - Small Scale Sustainable Horticulture in Africa
  • 1992 Christopher Laughton - The Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture Industry in Holland and Latvia
  • 1993 MaryAnn Harris - Garden Restoration/Preservation in The Republic of Ireland
  • 1994 Brian Ruhl - Golf Course Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland
  • 1995 Laura Nowak - Marketing, Production and Design in the Floriculture Industries of England, Holland and France.
  • 1996 Kristine Miller* - Gertrude Jekyll Gardens
  • 1996 Christopher - Monti Golf Courses of the British Isles: Golf's Natural Legacy
  • 1997 David Zinkand - A study of Golf Architecture in the British Isles
  • 1998 Jerry Parementer - Landscape Construction/ Management in UK
  • 1998 Pietro Cipriano - Nursery and Landscape Management in UK and Italy
  • 1999 Michele Wurm - A study of the 19th Century English Urban Park Using Visual Structure as a Specific Guide
  • 2000 Carol Omar* - Schoolyard Ecosystems in the UK
  • 2001 Nicole Mason - Organic Horticulture Management Systems in New Zealand
  • 2002 Matt Murphy - A Comparative Analysis of Viticulture Practices in the Old and New Worlds
  • 2002 Carlyn Worstell - Zoological Park Horticulture and Design at the World's Major Zoos in Europe
  • 2003 Eric Hsu - Plant taxonomy study in Great Britain
  • 2003 Josephine Alcott* - Study of ancient irrigation and horticulture in Spain and Morocco
  • 2004 Steve Warto - Golf course architecture in Great Britain and South America
  • 2004 Chad Miller* - Bulb Breeding in the Netherlands
  • 2004 Craig Johnson - Urban Forestry in Southeast Asia
  • 2005 Michelle Leinfelder* - Environmental and Economic Sustainability Studies:Spain, Chile and New Zealand
  • 2006 Sarah Nell Davidson* - A Horticultural Crop at the Center of Controversy: Resistance to Papaya Ringspot Virus in Genetically Engineered Plants
  • 2007 Naalamle Amissah* - Spice production in India , Indonesia and Thailand
  • 2007 Margaret Lapp* - Ethnobotany in South America
  • 2008 Vinay Pagay* - Viticulture in Australia, China and India
  • 2009 Chris Keil* - Horticulture in the Czech Republic
  • 2009 Stephanie Gautama - Green Walls in Europe and Australia
  • 2010 Ellen Woods - Photo-documentation of plants in Costa Rica
  • 2010 I Maria Calderon - Phytoremediation of polluted water. Austraila
  • 2010 Erin Marteal - Permaculture as a an educational Tool in Botanic Gardens
  • 2011 Alliison Skaer* - Evaluation of International Education Programs for  Public Gardens
  • 2012 Ashley Marchesi - Urban Agriculture in Latin America
  • 2012 Cheni Filios* - Post Harvest Horticulture in New Zealand and Europe
  • 2013 Xiaoyu Bai - Phytoremediation in Australia and China
  • 2013 Lindsay Jordan - Cool season Viticulture in New Zealand
  • 2014 Miles Schwartz Sax* - Plant Conservation in South Africa
  • 2014 Ian Peach* - Provisional Parks of Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 2014 Brett Morgan - Hydroponics in Switzerland
  • 2015 Adam Karl* - Dry land viticulture in Spain
  • 2015 Megan Hall* - Soft Rot study of grapes in Tasmania
  • 2015 James Keach* - Impatiens study in Thailand
  • 2016 Garrett Craig-Lucas - Vegetation and Port Development in Europe
  • 2016 Raquel Kallas* - Viticulture in Australia
  • 2016 Bi Ying (Bella) Zhao - Tropical Plants in Singapore
  • 2017 Emily Reiss* - Integrated Crop and Livestock production in Sweden
  • 2017 Ilia Savin - Landscape plantings in Copenhagen to address climate change

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